Other Police Services

Bicycle Registration

Bicycle theft is a growing problem in the United States and has become increasingly common. Bike theft can be largely attributed to an increase in ridership due primarily to the public’s interests in personal fitness, family-friendly recreational activities, and the desire to protect the environment.

Due to this increase in criminal statistics, the Town of Belleair feels that the issue needs to be addressed. While our number of reported bicycle thefts is very low, in our opinion, even one is too many.

Hence, we have created a FREE bicycle registration program that, in the event of a stolen bicycle, may make it easier to get your bike back to you. Click here to download a form, and then stop by Town Hall to register your bike today.

House Checks

In an effort for the community to enjoy their stays away from their homes, whether it is for a vacation or hospitalization, residents can do so with a sense of confidence with the implementation of Belleair's House Check Program. This service is provided to the residents of Belleair so that no matter how long they are gone, their time is more enjoyable and less worrisome as to the security of their homes. 

How Do I Get A House Check Started? 

To initiate a house check, all a resident needs to do is stop by the Police Department service counter during office hours (Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 9:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm) and fill out a quick form. Alternatively, residents may choose to download the form here. After completing the application, residents may either bring it to the Belleair Police Department or fax it to us at (727) 588-3786.

NOTE: We do request that, upon your return home, you notify our department of your return so that the house watch can be cancelled. 

How Does The House Check Work? 

Once you have filled out the House Check form, the clerk compiles your information. A confidential House Check list is sent out to patrol officers via the dispatch computer system. With the information provided by you, the patrol officers will go to your residence randomly during shifts, and will conduct a foot patrol around the exterior of the residence to make sure that windows and doors are locked and undamaged. Once the patrol officer has done that, the date, time, and the patrol officer's badge number indicating when the residence was checked will be logged. This will continue until the end date you have provided. Please contact the police department if you need to extend your return date. 


  • Houses that are "For Sale" and empty do not qualify for the House Check Program
  • Rental houses that are empty, between rentals, do not qualify for the House Check Program

Child I.D. Kit 

One of the most important ways we can help our children is through education and crime awareness. The tools that assist in the search and rescue of a missing child are a current photo and fingerprints. 

The Belleair Police Department offers this child I. D. service at no cost to our residents. We will provide a Child I.D. Kit, and take an instant color photo and fingerprints of your child. Both the photo and print cards are turned over to the parent for safekeeping in case the child becomes lost or missing. 

Neighborhood Watch

Creating a neighborhood watch program within your neighborhood is one of the most effective and least costly answers to crime prevention. Neighborhood watch groups are not only a foundation for crime prevention, but also encourage neighborhood revitalization. The Belleair Police Department endorses and promotes the neighborhood watch concept and encourages Town of Belleair residents to establish and maintain such programs and will assist your neighborhood with these efforts. Contact the Belleair Police Department about starting or joining a neighborhood watch program by calling (727) 588-3769 x 201. 

Pet Registration

When the Belleair Police Department locates a lost pet, we do our best to find his or her home. However, information provided through our FREE pet registration program may help us return your pet to you quicker. Click here to download a form, and then stop by Town Hall to register your pet today.

Temporary Activity Permits

Garage sales, estate sales, vehicle sales, special event parking and other special activities that are allowed by ordinance require a temporary activity permit. Temporary activity permits are available at the police department located in town hall.  You can download the application form here. Temporary activity permit applications may be submitted in person Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm or Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. A company applying for an estate sale permit must first obtain an Occupational License from the Town Clerk before a permit will be issued.  For more information please call (727) 588-3769.