Animal Control

Pinellas County Animal Services 

The professional, caring staff at Pinellas County Animal Services works hard to help keep residents, and pets safe throughout Pinellas County. Even though PCAS considers adoptions the most valuable work they do, there’s much more to learn about Animal Services. They provide services and public education that promote responsible pet ownership. A licensed veterinarian performs numerous surgical procedures, a majority of them spaying and neutering. Please visit their site for more information on the many programs offered by Pinellas County Animal Services. The following is a small listing of some essential functions of PCAS. If you need immediate assistance please contact Animal Services at (727) 582 -2600

  • Spay and neuter programs - To reduce overpopulation, Animal Services provides low cost sterilization to animals belonging to qualified low-income families.
  • Issues county pet licenses - Computerized pet licensing data base system tracks annual licenses for more than 180,600 dog and cats, and tracks approximately 375,000 pets Countywide helping to reunite lost pets and owners. Subsequently, Pinellas County has more pets licensed and vaccinated than any other County in the State.
  • Rabies control and vaccination of dogs and cats. Administers an active rabies prevention program. Public education efforts are a very important part of helping residents to be responsible pet owners. Oral Rabies Vaccine Baits (ORV) continue to be utilized within the County to control the spread & outbreak of the deadly rabies virus.
  • Animal Services provides state certified Animal Control Officers to provide countywide code enforcement, assistance to citizens with animal related problems
  • PCAS is tasked with protecting the public welfare and are responsible for enforcing the law regarding animal issues, such as dangerous dogs and feral cats.
  • Lost and Found - In 2009 over 2,600 lost pets were reunited with their owners.